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Property Management

Full Service Property and Facilities Management. Professional management is a key to real estate profits over the long term. We work and maintain excellent business relationships with our vendors and suppliers in the industry. We work the properties on day to day basis.


Our leasing team is carefully selected and trained to tend to every detail, ensuring seamless, flexible and efficient lease terms for all new, expanding and renewing tenants. We are able to assist in tenant negotiations, lease preparation, and tenant improvements.


Our company will facilitate a building engineering analysis in order to meet the necessary goals of the ownership, by reducing costs in all areas including air conditioning, electrical consumption, water usage and normal life cycle items such as painting, roofing and major equipment replacement.


Our accounting system provides owners with up to date reporting increasing control over their properties. It provides owners the tools to prepare full Financial Statements, allowing us to formulate effective business strategies and maximize profitability. Our financial services provide reporting on a monthly basis of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows. We are prepared to develop your long-term budgets for the properties. Our background in real estate accounting and property management will help you optimize your cash flow with adequate reserves to protect your future.  Accurate, timely and complete reporting is the hallmark of measuring results.


1900 Glades Rd., Suite 441
Boca Ratón, FL 33431
P: (561) 394.8098
F: (561) 394.8097


All tenant and capital improvement projects will be efficiently designed, bid competitively, skillfully constructed and delivered on-time. Together, our teams have produced extraordinary results for a full spectrum of commercial construction projects to minor tenant improvements. Our hassle free tenant program helps with build outs or building renovation by working with all parties involved from start to finish including permits, architectural plans, competitive bidding and construction oversight through the completion of the project.


PIMO Capital Management realizes that we are all stewards for our planet and work together with building owners to transition from old technologies to today’s innovative and greener environment. We will assess the existing budget and advice the owners to implement building system changes in lighting, air-conditioning, electrical consumption, water usage in order to lower our carbon footprint. Most changes can be implemented over a fixed time and therefore not impacting the budget. As new advancements become available we will present them to our clients after detailed research and understanding how they will impact building owners and our environment. We provide advice and services to our clients, encouraging and collaborating with them to adapt or enhance responsible environmental policies and practices in their real estate holdings whenever possible.



PIMO Capital acknowledges that the key to success in our organization is the current tenant relations. We are prompt to respond to tenant needs, concerns, emergencies, and currently have over a 95% retention rate in our buildings. Our timely updates and recommendations on rental rates, market trends, lease negotiations, and lease preparations are the key to high retention level. As professionals we are uniquely qualified in helping the owner in building relationships with their tenants by providing timely services, in a friendly manner and gaining trust with their tenants which greatly improve tenant retention in their buildings.  We provide a great working atmosphere in the building for all tenants.

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